Personal Parshah with Rabbi Spolter

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This series takes place in Yad Binyamin, Israel, given in my home on Wednesday mornings. Enjoy the shiur, and feel free to join us if you're in town. Join us as we look at the weekly Torah portion with an eye towards learning valuable and important lessons that affect our daily lives through the text, context and background themes that appear in the weekly parhsah.

Note that all audio is in mp3 format and downloads directly.

Parshat Terumah: Life Lessons from the Aron

The Aron - the ark that held the luchot, conveys critical messages to us about the way we can lead more meaningful and spiritual lives. In this shuir we focus on the subtle but critical messages hidden in the text describing the blueprints for the aron - and how this relates to Jewish day schools, raising children, and learning in kollel. Really.
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Parshat Mishpatim: The Challenge of Faith and Medicine

When we get sick, we go to the doctor. Yet, how does our reliance on modern medicine affect our faith in Hashem? Is there a conflict between our spirituality and our medical insurance?
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Parshat Yitro: Protective Parenting - Benefits and Dangers

In this shiur, we examine the challenge of parenting and leadership, and the challenges and conflicts that these dual roles raised for Moshe - and for each of us.
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Parshat Hashavua from YIOP

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I gave these shiurim at my weekly parshah shiur at the Young Israel of Oak Park on Tuesday afternoon.

Parshat Beraishis -- Kayin and Hevel, Dealing With Adversity

Parshat Noach -- The Curse of the Land

Parshat Noach II - The Dangers of Wine

Parshat Lech Lecho -- The Dangers of Kiruv

Parshat Vayera - Life in Sedom

Parshat Chaye Sara: Doing the Right Thing, and "Where was Yitzchak?

Parshat Toldos: Yitzchak, and Living the Life of a Forefather

Parshat Vayeitze: Introduction to Yaakov

Parshat Vayishlach: Understanding Reuven

Parshat Vayeishev: Yehudah and Leadership

Parshat Vayechi: Yosef and His Family

Parshat Shemos: Moshe and the Conundrum of Leadership

Parshat Vaera: Egypt then and Now, and Faith in God

Parshat Bo: Learning About God

Parshat Beshalach: Parshat HaMan -- God in Daily Life

Parshat Yisro: Learning Leadership

Parshat Mishpatim - Slavery

Parshat Ki Tisa - Aharon's Role in the Golden Calf

Parshat Emor -- The Definition of Holiness

Parshat Behar Bechukosai - Meaning in the Shemittah

Parshat Shelach - The Sin of the Spies

Parshat Korach - The Challenge to Moshe's Leadership

Parshat Pinchas - Saving the Day

Parshat Matos - How America Affects the Israeli Jewish Community

Parshat Devarim - Finding the Root Cause of Failure

Parshat Ki Tetze - Our Actions Have Consequences

Parshat Ki Tavo - Walking on God's Path

Rosh Hashanah - Understanding the Akeidah

Hagadah 1: Having a Relationship with God

Hagadah 2 - The Ten Plagues

Rut: Daring to Do What's Right