Here you'll find great Spolter family pictures, information and other cool stuff. Maybe even Torah things, if people send them to me and want me to upload them.

Megillas Shaine Esther

Megillat Shaine Esther graphic

Click here to access the much-discussed Megillas Shaine Esther, a work that most definitely will never make its way into Tanach.

Interview with My Zayde: Rabbi Chaim Raphael Friedman

Click here to download the recording of an interview with Rabbi Dr. Chaim Friedman, who spoke with my brother Yonatan Spolter about his life. It's a fascinating listen and a wonderful view of Jewish life in America in the middle of the 20th century.

Other Family Links

Avi Greengart's great web site,

To learn more about the extended Friedman family, you can visit the Friedman family Yahoo group, found here. You might need permission to login -- but you might not. Sorry.