Food for Thought

Food for Thought graphic

In this shiur, we're learning about the role of food throughout Tanach and in Jewish law. From the forbidden fruit to the halachos of Challah, Judaism has a great deal to teach us about how we relate to and deal with food. Click here to access the shiur.

Women in Tanach

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By looking at the personalities, attributes and ambitions of the women that appear in Tanach, we can better understand the ideals of Jewish women throughout the ages. This class, which will focus on each of the four matriarchs, will address each of the four in three ways: (1) attributes of the individual, (2) as a wife (3) as a mother. Click here to access the shiur.

Principles of Faith

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While we so often speak about faith and dedication to God, we don't always know what that faith entails. Join Rena and she examines the fundamental questions of Jewish faith that Rambam requires of every Jew. Click here to access the shiur.

Tehillim Unleashed

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We recite the chapters of Tehillim so many times during the course of davening. Do we understand the deep meaning of the words that we recite? Join Rena for this exciting and enlivening new series! Listen in and learn! Click here to access the shiur.

Torat Nechama

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Nechama Leibowitz paved the way for millions of Tanach students with her famous parshah sheets. Many of those sheets made their way into Nechama's "Studies on the Weekly Parshah." Join Rena for a study of parshat hashavua with Nechama Leibowitz. Click here to access the shiur.